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Our Mission

Significance and security for farm families

Today, for every dollar that is spent on coffee, a mere 10¢ is awarded to the farmer. Leiva’s Coffee sells its world-class coffee direct to the public, and uses the profits to help improve the lives of our coffee growers and their families.

Half of Guatemala’s workforce is comprised of farmers. Because coffee is our most valuable commodity, many of those farmers make the coffee you enjoy everyday. Leiva’s Coffee works to aid and enrich the lives of coffee growers by turning modest profit into great works of compassion.

So much more than coffee

Coffee is what we grow. Helping communities is who we are. Through our coffee, we’re able to provide the necessities that are sometimes taken for granted. Things like flooring, stoves, schoolhouses, medical clinics, shoes and clothing. Yes, we’re pleased to be part of your daily coffee ritual. But we’re proudest of the things we can do for farmers and their families.

You are a part of our mission

By making an educated decision about your coffee purchase, you are helping to stop a cycle of exploitation, and provide opportunity where it hasn’t been seen before. Join our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted on how your purchase of Leiva’s Coffee is having an impact.

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