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Paulino, Leiva’s head farmer

In 1989, eight-year-old Paulino and his ten-year-old brother Albert came to the farm seeking work. They had come from a broken and troubled family. Gregoria (whom we call Goya), the Leiva Farm matriarch who was unable to have her own children, adopted both boys.

The boys lived and worked on the farm, and they learned to grow coffee the way Armando Leiva and Ezequiel Leiva grow coffee.

During an especially trying time, Paulino stayed with Armando Leiva and family. One day, Armando shared the gospel with him and Paulino accepted Jesus into his heart.

Armando and family helped him grow in his faith. He decided to go back the farm to care for his mother and mend the broken relationships he’d left there. He has become a great pillar of the local church where he serves and helps in many ways.

Paulino later got married, and he and his wife Maria have two boys, Adorian and Eliu. Paulino overseas the day-to-day operations at the farm and is a strong leader in the community.

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