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Spreading Love, One Brew at a Time

We’re Leiva’s Coffee, a family-run, full-service coffee roasting company that began on our family’s Guatemala farm in 1950. Three generations later, we still honor the same mission: spreading God’s love across every community we touch.

Our Values

We believe that coffee is so much more than a beverage. With the talent of so many required to craft just one cup, we view each sip – and the teamwork it takes to make it – as a miracle from God. 

Our Social Initiatives

We are committed to empowering Guatemalan communities through employment opportunities and education for local schoolchildren. We also protect their local resources by employing environmentally focused practices whenever possible.

Our Faith

We view each of our Guatemalan partners as our brothers and sisters. With spiritual alignment at the core of everything we do, our community connections – and faith in our futures – grow by the day. 

Our Community

Our Guatemalan roots run deep, but they’re only the beginning. We love connecting with you, our coffee-loving, faith-driven community! Follow along via our newsletter, support our mission with a coffee subscription, and keep an eye out for our next volunteer initiative.

Together, we’ll build a better tomorrow – one cup of heavenly coffee at a time.