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Leiva's sustainability initiatives involve actions to improve the environment and the wellbeing of people.

Leiva's x Sustainability


For environmental betterment, we practice sustainable sourcing by planting five trees for every one cut. We believe in reforestation to maintain a healthy ecosystem and reduce our carbon footprint. We use strategic planting of banana trees and other plants to conserve and support water conservation, and employ innovative septic tank filtration systems for wastewater treatment. This ensures that wastewater is properly treated before it enters the ground, minimizing any potential environmental impact.

We also employ organic and eco-friendly practices in coffee cultivation using compostable materials and natural fertilizers.


To enhance the wellbeing of communities, we collaborate with local communities to help build proper stoves for smoke-free cooking, provide clean water solutions for healthier living conditions, and support education in our farming communities in Guatemala.


Our staff in the United States and Guatemala are paid well and often align with competitive wages. Efforts are being made to explore sustainable power options, such as repairing the solar system and taking steps towards implementing hydropower with the help of a University. 

The Conversation

We chose to remain open with our partners and guests about our practices and sustainability efforts. We are one step further each day and we continue to strive for additional sustainable opportunities as we grow.

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